Is the Indtech challenge an accelerator?

We are a venture client and a partner for start-ups. We focus on tailor made agreements connecting start-ups with our key decision makers. You will be able to work with our managers and engineers on real innovation projects.

What is Indtech challenge looking for?

We are looking for start-ups:

  • With a product, or functional prototype, mature enough to be integrated and validated by customers.
  • Constituted as a legal entity or in process of becoming one.
  • With a team fully dedicated to the aim of the project.

My start-up doesn’t focus on the industrial laundry business. Can I apply?

Yes, of course! In fact, some of our expectations are:

  • To discover technology that nobody thought could be applied to the laundry business.
  • Find solutions oriented to industry value chain, not necessarily developed for laundry business.

What does Indtech challenge offer

We are interested in developing joint ventures and subscribing private agreements with the selected start-ups.

The partnership will be linked to the specific needs of each project and to its degree of maturity, with an open spirit.

What about money? Do you buy our technology or do you invest in?

It depends; our main objective is to collaborate with you as a venture client and, as a partner, to market the results.

We are open to study any kind of investment as a result of the process itself, but we are not just about financing projects.

All costs related to the integration and validation of your technology, including materials, travels, etc. could be covered.

What information do I need to present?

You must fill in a simple form and include the following information:

  • Business Case Executive summary
  • Founders’ team’s CV
  • Knowhow or IP related documents

I don’t live in Spain, can I participate?

Yes, of course. Innovations can come from anywhere. If you apply and we are interested in your project, we’ll manage how to handle this.

When and how can I apply?

The application period will be open from June 27th to September 30th.

Click on the apply button to start the application process.

For more detailed information, please check the rules for participation.

What will happen if I am selected?

The selected start-ups will sign a collaboration agreement with terms and conditions agreed with Seidor and/or Girbau.

Any other useful information?

You can apply in any language.